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About Us

motth is a purposefully built digital community designed to connect, educate, and strengthen hope for caregivers who have loved ones battling depression and addiction. The motth app is available for download from itunes and Google play. motth is a privately funded venture and has no subscription costs or advertising of any kind.

First Light

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The idea for motth came to light after my wife and I nearly lost our son to his battle with depression and addiction. We were woefully unprepared for the mental, physical, and emotional stress this journey would impart and blind to the complexity of navigating the mental health and substance abuse ecosystem. We were also struck by the power of connection and conversation with others on a similar journey. This bond was incredibly therapeutic and allowed for an open and honest dialog. While every day will present new challenges it also creates new opportunities. For this reason, I’ve created motth to help others find their light.

motth Overview

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motth was developed to unite experiences, educate, and strengthen hope for caregivers of loved ones affected by depression and addiction. To accomplish this objective, motth guides users through a dynamic questionnaire about themselves and the individual in their care. Answering only those questions a user is comfortable sharing, motth will present a list of friends, or lights, based on the intersections of their collective journey. motth allows users to communicate anonymously directly within the app and contains a daily feed of articles focused on addiction and depression contributed by mental health professionals across the country.

Our Vision

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Our journey begins by establishing the most important and personal connections across our users. As our community grows so to does the collective intelligence of providers, programs and resources across the mental health landscape. In the background we are working tirelessly to establish strategic partnerships across the public and private sector. This overlay creates a collectively brighter light by providing our caregiver community with better access to information allowing them to focus their efforts on their care recipient and their own wellbeing.

Why motth

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A moth was certainly not front of mind when setting out to create a way to connect caregivers with loved ones battling depression and addiction. Our name needed to reflect what we’ve come to learn about the wisdom in listening and a vibrant symbol of strength. When the discovery was made that the moth not only is the best listener on earth but also is extraordinarily diverse in color and beauty outnumbering butterflies 10 to 1 the idea began to take hold. Depression and addiction reflect a darkness often misunderstood by others outside the shadow it can cast. For those that willingly brave the darkness to support the ones they love we’ve created motth in an effort to help you find your light.


motth does not provide mental health services. If you have a mental or psychiatric emergency, please contact 911. By creating a motth account you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.